Basic Guide to Perfume

GetYourPerfume gives us the definitive visual guide to the fragrant (yet oftentimes confusing) world of perfumes. Backed by its expertise in retailing 100% authentic scents, the company has come up with a handy infographic called The Basic Guide to Perfume.

It explains how choosing the right scent to match your personality requires a little bit more than just waving a bottle under your nose and paying for it. With colorful graphs, figures, charts, and legends, the infographic features the characteristics of five types of perfume, information on fragrance notes, an essence wheel describing these notes in detail, as well as tips on the how’s and where’s of perfume-wearing.

For the fragrance newbie, these perfume rules will definitely come in handy to draw people in, aside from helping them come up with a signature scent that is simply unforgettable.